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Property Inspections

Our qualified professionals can investigate the condition of a property’s, fire and safety issues, water or fire damage, cooling systems, or any other difficulty that might have an effect on the value of the property. Regular property inspections guarantee the maintenance and repair expenses are lower and fixtures are on time. Timely inspections create a win-win situation for both landlords and the tenants, since tenants do not have to face occasional troubles in the property, and landlord would always be aware about what the situation of the property is, and if there are any actions to be performed on the property, they can be done on timely basis.

Pre-Qualifying Tenants

Pre-qualification is a significant stage in the process of renting out the property. Not only it avoids wasting time in discussing things that are irrelevant but also increases the closure ratio successfully. During pre qualification we dug deep into the requirements of the clients to ensure what they are exactly looking for, and how flexible can their requirement be when it comes to renting out an apartment. Our experts go through a series of questions to prequalify potential clients before offering them the options of properties available, and once the properties are offered after prequalification the closure ratio is always superior and results in saving time and resources of both the parties.


Screening Tenants

Screening is an important process which is mostly performed post qualification of the clients as tenant for a particular property. During screening of the tenants the candidate’s personal facts such as their names, identification and contact details are analyzed to understand if they have the potential and possessions to opt for the chosen option. We also screen their past tenancy records to help us gain assurance of the client’s reliability. Their source of income through salary certificates and mystery calls to their employer to verify details.

Facility Management Supervisory

Our comprehensive services will handle to any sort of needs you will have under a single roof with a single contact point. Our practices are not only effective but proven and always up to date, we incorporate new and innovative approaches to our business plan to provide our customers with a luxury and finest service.


Contract Renewal

Expert Homes identify the market situation and the mindset of the investors, and in order to cater the requirement, we have tied up exclusively with the top banks and mortgage brokers within UAE and other parts of the world to organize the best deals for you available in the market. Our aim to provide complete real estate services is never completed without offering mortgage solutions, thus by teaming up with the best specialists in the market, we ensure that we can get you the matchless offers across mortgage providers for your investment or new home.

Cheque Collections

We offer our clients a hassle-free atmosphere, with our employees 24/7 at your service, we also cater to trivial details such as collecting cheques at our customers ease. In addition to providing all relevant data our extremely valuable services will help save you time and money, our employee will collect cheques from any place within the region and pay them in at the nearest branch of your financial institution the same day.


Cheque Deposit

Eliminating the hassle of standing in long queues of CDM/ATM and bank lines, our representative can deposit your cheque into your account. We would keep a check on all the cheques with its reminders and timely deposit cheques earlier to due dates for smooth transactions An intricately designed service for the collection of your cheques from your desired location. This one-step solution manages your postdated cheques in a timely manner, collecting information and providing vital reports to help maintain track of your payments and cheques.

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