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Know your financial capabilities, decide the area, price, which you think will be affordable. If you want to purchase in cash, make sure that you cover all angles when I.e. broker, Land Department.


If you want to purchase the property thru mortgage, go to a mortgage advisor of a bank you are comfortable in dealing with. Discuss with him your plan. You have to understand that in mortgage you have to pay 25% of the property price. Be sure to have the amount ready.


Find a Real Estate Broker

In this stage, you have to be diligent in getting a broker which will help you find the property that you want to purchase. Find a broker that will not just sell you property but someone who understand the kind of place or property you are keen on buying.

Give an Offer

once you find the property, it’s time for the next big step which is to give an offer. If the offer is accepted, then you go one step closer to owning a home.


Security Deposit

In order for the offer to be blocked, you need to give 10% of the total price of the property. You need to issue a cheque so that the owner can definitely consider the offer.


Once you agree on the price, both parties need to sign and agreement which RERA called, Form F. All information regarding the property, price, and all other elements should be included in the MOU for it to be binding and executory in nature since this will be registered in Land Department.



Some Properties needs NOC from the Developer which will ensure that there are no outstanding balance/service charge of this property.


If there is a mortgage of the property that you are purchasing, you will have to go through “blocking’. The Seller will obtain a liability letter from his/her bank and come to DLD with 4 cheques to block the property. One in the name of the seller’s bank for the outstanding balance, One in the name of the seller for the remainder of the purchase price, One in the name of DLD for the 4% percent and payment and one in the name of the Agency who facilitate the Sale.



Transfer time, both the seller and the Buyer along with their respective Agents will go to the Land Department do the transfer. Property purchase can be paid through Manager’s cheque, and don’t forget the cheque of 4% for the Land Department registration. Once registration is complete and the sale is registered with DLD, you will receive your new Title Deed/access cards for the property.

New Homeowner !

At last, all the Hassle and the papers works are done, next will be the housewarming!


Enjoy your new Home !

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